Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our Thanksgiving in C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A

My little sister jumped into this pic didn't know she was there till I looked at it after she is soooo cute with those glasses her name is Emily and we call her memi so we nicknamed her memi potter like harry potter. Those are my brother's shades by the way wish I got some.

My Brother Christopher (Chris) Man he is getting big he is taller than me!!!!well that doesn't say much what am I like 5'1 hahaha Look at Ruben in the back of that one he wanted to be in it too.

Berganza family at toon town look at my brother he looks like he hates life hahaha

Its a small world after all............... Pretty and lit up for Christmas already and me and these cool clip on minnie ears I loved them!!!

Here we are in the one hour line for Space mountain they ran out of Fast Passes you know those papers you can get to cut in line at a different time they ran out by 3 in the afternoon so we had to wait in line so worth it though.

They really wanted to be part of the parade, They asked and they said sorry we ran out of costumes so they still had to put their two cents in.....

At pirates of the carribean my favorite ride and look at my dad trying to be funny and give Chris some ears hahaha.

Here's a little summary.........................This thanksgiving was a great one Ruben and I definitely had a blast. We enjoyed California and family and wish we can go to Florida next time its time for a Vacation. I miss Florida it is so beautiful and I miss the Family I have out there too but hopefully we will see them soon I graduate in December but I am walking with Ruben in April when he graduates almost done booyah!!!!!!!!! okay well here's the good stuff fun pics...Of course most of these pics are at DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this place my parents present to the family I love that place it is the happiest place on earth I love it and it was Ruben's first time to the one in CA love it can go there everyday if I could.