Thursday, June 25, 2009

P.S. just kidding.............

So just wanted to clear up that the baby in "We have a surprise...." is not ours hahahahahah he looks like he could be huh??!! He is my little cousin and his name is Axel funny name huh?!!!!!!!! Ruben just loved the kid and He totally looked like ours. Hopefully when it is our turn for babies, our baby does look as cute as my cousin.

2 Year Anniversary!!! and Updates!!!!

This has definetely been a hard summer.....Ruben and I are away from each other for the summer because Ruben is doing an internship with the Kansas City Chiefs......Go Chiefs!!!haha If you know Ruben you know why this is funny and for those that may know us only a little Ruben is a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan but I must admit the family he is living with is doing their hardest to have him switch to the red and yellow or gold?!! I am not sure which one hahaha. I have been talking with friends and my blog needs to be updated so bad so I will make the goal to update once a week. I get to go see Ruben July 1st which is almost 2 months of not seeing him...He is in Missouri and I am excited to go I have never been there!!!

A little update on me, I am working hard at the old Melaleuca, world leader in concentrated, eco-friendly products haha thats what I say over the phone!!! and I am getting ready to do my student teaching in Rigby high school Go Trojans!!! and then hoping to get into a masters program for school counseling and Ruben has two semesters and then masters in business at ISU good old Pokie (Pocatello) Guess we might be staying in Idaho a wee bit longer. Those are the plans at least for the next two years.

Well its a little late but its Ruben and My 2 year anniversary this past 23rd of June and I thought I would blog about that. It has definetely been hard to be away from one another but it has definetely been the most amazing two years of our lives, we are just as in love if not more since the day we got married. Here is a few pics of the first two weeks we were dating. Oh how we have changed... I don't know for better or for worse hahaha.

Don't know why these are tiny.... Didn't know how to fix it oh well.......................................