Monday, August 3, 2009

My Trip to Kansas City..........

So here are some pictures of my trip to Kansas City it was so much fun but a sad story because I was there for a week and a half and my camera broke two days before coming back to Rexburg. Ruben bought me a new camera for our anniversary especially since the old one broke. Lame I lost all my pics. The place that says bowl was a nightclub that Ruben and I went to that had dancing and a bowling alley inside but it totally had bouncers like it was so not ghetto but totally cool with a bowling alley inside. Then we went to this power and light district where there was a live band playing outside. It was really nice but hot the weather was so humid. Some of the pics I lost were of Adam-Ondi Amon I think thats how you spell it and some Amish communities it was hilarious because Ruben didn't know what Amish people were and how they lived. We laughed at how he reacted to them. He wanted to take pics of them up close and I was like Ruben we are not at a zoo, they are real people haha. They made the most amazing cinnamon rolls, they were so yummy!!!! Well here are some pics enjoy!!