Friday, October 2, 2009

What we have been up to since Ruben came home...........

This was Ruben's attempt to fly a kite I thought it was funny and also I told him there is no wind and obviously by the picture above it didn't work. He is such a little kid sometimes and then he had the great idea to have me drive and that he would put the kite out the window and fly it that way I did becuase I felt bad the other way didn't work. We laughed so hard becuase cars were behind us watching what we were doing I felt like a dork but ruben loved it.

We have gone to the mall a lot cuz I got gift cards for my birthday and me and Ruben decided to try the massage chairs they were actually quite comfy and relaxing.

The above pics are some of my birthday. I didn't want to do anything huge becuase I had a long day teaching but Ruben surprised me with a trip down to Idaho Falls and we ate Olive Garden and went shopping my favorite thing to do of course. Then he surprised me with a present and he got me a beautiful shirt, necklace and earrings he has really good taste when it comes to clothes. We had a yummy tres leches cake and he sang me happy birthday.

Here are some pics of the fair. We went to the eastern Idaho fair and it was a blast we ate everything possible my favorite were the scones. We also saw some baby cows and huge!!!! rabbits Ruben didn't know they had animals he was so surprised by all the different kinds. We had a blast at the fair so glad we went.

Future dream cars. I really want a new car bad and this is seriously my dream car it's a ford edge. I just need to get a teaching job here soon and this may become a reality. Ruben liked the ford explorer and said it would be a good temp car till he gets his escalade. HA HA we will see when that happens.

Here are some pics of us at Melaleuca baseball night. My work owns the stadium for the Idaho Falls Chukars and the whole company got free tickets to go watch a game so Ruben and I decided to go watch the game.

Here's just a pic of us excited to finally be back together in Idaho after a long summer apart.