Monday, July 14, 2008

1 Yr Anniversary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got home from work late on thursday night and Ruben tells me that someone from church left something for me at the front door he hands it to me and walks away and then as I open the envelope and see that it is a hilton pass for a jacuzzi suite he jumps toward me and says SURPRISE PACK YOUR BAGS WE LEAVE FOR SALT LAKE TOMORROW!!! I freaked out and turns out he called my work and got me the days off and he had a suite reserved for 3 nights in Salt Lake city. It was amazing he had it all planned out. He took me to eat at the Garden restaurant in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and then he took me to the gateway mall and the movies and then the next day we went to Raging Waters and a Salt Lake city Bees game and then we ate at rodizio grill an amazing brazilian restaurant and we shopped at the park city outlets and just ate out all the time I loved it and my husband is amazing to have surprised me with such an amazing weekend. Ruben also surprised me with an amazing gift I wasn't expecting he got me a pair of nice earrings lets just say they start with dia and end in monds! He gave them to me in the Joseph Smith building and people thought he proposed by the way I acted so excited.!!! I can't believe we have been married for a year but it has definitley been an amazing one year!!!