Friday, February 9, 2007

Our Story...................

Ruben and I met through a mutual friend in the winter of 2007 and Ruben claims I didn't give him the time of day so he said to himself this girl is out. Little did we know that in that fall I would move into his ward. He saw me on a sunday and remembered me, later in the month his roomates were planning an all roomate invite a girl you don't know on a date and Ruben picked me. Apparently, we were the couple that wouldn't stop talking and acted like we had known each other before.

Lets just say that we hung out every day after that first date on October 5th , and we were later engaged on February 9th. Ruben surprised me when we went to Idaho Falls for his best friends birthday. He offered to go early and put our name down at the restaurant for the entire group so we left an hour early. We decided to go to the temple to walk around as we waited for the rest of the group to show up. We decided to go into the visitors center and walked around the exibits there. As we were about to leave because it was time to go to dinner I saw a dozen roses on a table inside the visitors center and thought to myself they were beautiful but never once thought they were for me. Ruben told me to look at the card on the flowers and it said "Stephanie" I told Ruben they weren't for me it must be somebody else. Ruben began to open the card and said the flowers were for me I was completely shocked! He then took me by the hand and took me outside and right in front of the temple he proposed........ 4 months later we were married and love every minute of it.